I can be dressed like crap and have the worst hair day, but if I’m wearing dark nail polish, it changes everything. For some reason, I think it adds a touch of sexiness to your look.

So yeah… I went grocery shopping today, I had my hair up in a messy ponytail, no makeup on, and my outfit (if you can call what I was wearing an outfit…) wasn’t doing anything for my figure, but man, I felt SEXY AS HELL ;-)


  1. you inspired me! i brought my “malaga red wine” nail polish to work yesterday and painted my nails at my desk (isn’t the office the best place to do it? with a little bit of careful typing, all is okay) . . . but today, the polish is chipping! and somehow this feels worse than if i had just painted with my usual pale pink color. hmm . . . i completely agree that the red looks more “put together” when your nails are well-manicured, but when red polish chips, it makes me feel like a floozy! i think my laziness leaves me no option but to stick with longer-lasting pale, sparkly pink :)

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what brands “chip less” than others, and the reason is that I have UV gel nails, and nail polish doesn’t chip on those… yay!
      Have you tried Essie nail polishes? They’re one of the best brands out there, maybe they chip less than the others ;-)

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