Just got my gel nails removed this morning. As if nails weren’t already thin enough, I only have about a 3rd of its usual thickness left on my fingertips. I feel like my nails could be ripped off my fingers at any second… it’s soooo painful!! OK, I’ll stop complaining before anyone tells me people suffer for more serious diseases and here I am complain that my nails hurt because of this…

Anyways, the lady at the nail salon told me to let them breathe and not put anything on them, not even nail strengthener. So I googled a little and mostly read that I could soak them in oil (olive, almond, pretty much any kind) for a couple of minutes 2-3 times a day for a couple of weeks.

I’m gonna do just that.


    1. Because… gel nails are wayyyyy too thick, I couldn’t scratch myself anymore. Besides, when my real nails would grow out, you could see the difference in colour, and my nails grow kinda fast so I had to go often, and if I didn’t, my nails would look too long (and that’s way too tacky).

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