I’m meeting a nutritionnist for the first time on tuesday and I can’t wait to see what she has to tell me (besides the obvious…).

But until I actually meet with her and she gives me a diet to follow, I’m trying to eat as healthy as I can. So my 4 meals this weekend consisted of baked salmon with a side dish of tomato/cucumber/lettuce salad with lemon juice dressing (and very little light olive oil, salt & pepper).

And since I always crave eating or drinking something, I bought decaf coffee and made myself a cup everytime I had a craving (had about 4 yesterday and today I’m at my second). Believe it or not, even though I take my coffee with just a little milk (1%) and sweetener, I was able to forget about my cravings… AND I never felt hungry throughout the day :)

So far, I’m proud of my food intake this week-end… except for the part where I skipped breakfast both days :(

Will work on that for next week-end…

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