I’m desperately looking for Essie’s Mink Muffs. I went to every store I could think of that carries Essie and couldn’t find Mink Muffs anywhere. One of the girls at Trade Secrets suggested OPI‘s « Over The Taupe » but I think there’s a bit too much grey in it, whereas Mink Muffs has more chocolate. Am I wrong? I dont really know for sure since I have only seen a colour swatch of MM on the internet and not on an actual person.

Anyhoo… I’m not hating the OPI shade… but I’m still searching for my Muffs… or any other colour that’s a chocolate brown. Milk chocolate brown.

Here’s a photo of « Over The Taupe »…


  1. I like the colour! Si tu met une autre couche ça ne fait pas plus foncé?
    Si je vois tes Mink Muffs je l’achete ok? Des fois a la rive-sud… you never know! :)

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