My best friend is going through a bit of a rough time so I thought I’d go over to her place for the week-end and get her to think about anything other than her problems.

Of course the first thing I did as soon as I got there was to squeeze the life out of her cute little Yorkie. After a few hugs & kisses, I then proceeded to annoy the hell out of her… just cause I can and she can’t defend herself :)

So anyways, we didn’t do anything special, we went shopping during the day, then stuffed our faces with junk food and watched movies and of course I had my little camera with me so I took random photos as usual – practiced my bokeh with her X-mas tree :)

We watched Alfie (nice change staring at Jude Law’s perfect face from having to look at Robert Pattison’s portrait perched in her X-mas tree… see photo below), and then decided to order The Killers on Illico. Not because we thought it’d be a good movie. Nor because Ashton boy was in it. But because Tom Selleck was. It’s all about the ‘stache…


  1. Thank you so much Chadi… it means a lot to me! I really need my friends right now!
    Loved my weekend… love the pictures you took! Loved the junk food and the movies we saw!
    It’s all about the stache! All about the stache!

    gros bisous

    p,s. can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!

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