Not only is Zara one of favourite stores, it also happens to be literally 2 minutes away from my office so I check out the store quite often. I recently got 2 sweaters, one off-white, cable knit pictured below and another one that I REALLY like, in a light minty green. Why dont I have a picture? Because I spilled red wine all over it. Where? At a restaurant. And as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I was on a date. Yup, that’s how clumsy I am. Ask my friend Nath… she can tell you all about my bumping into things and hurting myself all the time. Anyhoo… I left it in a water and detergent mix for an entire day and it came off. I just couldn’t wear it to take a photo cause it needs some serious ironing, and well, let’s say that’s not my favourite thing to do, so. As for the necklace, I ordered it online from Forever21, it was $10.80. The sweaters were each somewhere between $25 and $30.

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