Not long ago, one of my best friends came over to my place before we headed out for a walk on St-Denis on a gorgeous sunny day, the first one of the year. Before we left, she said she wanted to give me a little something, which was part belated birthday gift, part thank you gift for supporting her during one of the most difficult times in her life, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now I wont go into personal details of her life but I can say after radio & chemo, her cancer is now gone :)

Sooo… she hands me my gift and I notice it’s a little blue bag… with a little blue box inside… And all I keep thinking is: No way, that can’t be! But it was, she’d gotten me a Tiffany bracelet, and not just any bracelet… I used to have this gorgeous silver bead bracelet, very similar to the one Tiffany makes, only I had gotten it at Winners for a little under $50. I absolutely loved that bracelet! Then one rainy day, my friend and I were out shopping, and as we had finished our little shopping spree, we headed out to the parking lot, hands full of bags, out in the pouring rain. I was wearing my bracelet on my left hand, where one of the bags was particularly heavy and I could feel the bag handle getting tangled with my bracelet and all I kept thinking was: hold the bag with your hand, not around your wrist… your bracelet’s gonna snap at any time! But it was pouring rain and the car was only a few feet away so I just kept walking fast until… SNAP. My bracelet broke, the chain still tangled in the plastic bag handle, the silver beads rolling all over the ground in every direction in the parking lot, cars driving by, rolling over my poor little beads :( Seriously, if I was all by myself, I totally would have cried! But I’m a grown woman and there were people all around so clearly, that wasn’t an option. And let’s face it, there are worse things in life.

So… all of this to say that not only my friend went out of her way to get me this beautiful present, but she even remembered that day I lost this bracelet and got me the same one from Tiffany :) How freakin’ sweet is that??? Thanks Cris :)


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