Back in January, long after my gym membership expired and I didn’t renew it, I really wanted to find an easy way to workout without having to get out of the house, and since I already have a bunch of DVD’s and wasn’t using any of them, I knew that wasn’t the answer. The problem with me going to the gym is actually GETTING to the gym. Honest to God, once I’m already there, I actually enjoy it. So the other option I had was to buy an elliptical machine for my appartement… but I dont have a spare bedroom and I didn’t want to clutter up my not-so-big bedroom with a huge elliptical. So I did a little research online, hoping to find a foldable elliptical, knowing really well my chances of finding one were slim. I know I can easily find foldbable treadmills, but I’m not a huge fan… I’m sold on ellipticals. And so… one beautiful day, I’m surfing the Shopping Channel website and I find this. O.M.G. This thing was made for me! I immediately ordered it and I’m in love with it!! It’s so small it’s in the corner or my living room and you hardly notice it, and I can easily hide it in a closet when I have people over.

Now I haven’t been on a diet or anything, just trying to make healthier choices (I will NEVER be able to stop eating carbs & sugar & junk), but I try to eat a little smarter. I also workout whenever I can, even if it’s just 15 minutes. And honestly, some days I dont workout at all. But at least when I want to, my mini elliptical machine is right there waiting for me! Well, I’m happy to say that since I ordered it in January, I’ve lost 10 pounds and kept it off, mainly cause I haven’t made any drastic changes, which would probably make me wanna go back to my old ways. Plus, instead of eating out so much, I’ve been cooking a lot more, so I know that helps a lot. I still have my occasional Whopper, chocolate bar, etc. but I indulge in those foods a lot less that I used to.

Anyhoo, back to my elliptical machine. If you’re interested, the exact name on the Shopping Channel is the Stamina inMotion Compact Elliptical and it’s priced at $129.99. If you order it, careful when you go pick it up: the box is a little heavy. Oh, and putting the whole thing together is a piece of cake!


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