I don’t have much storage room in my appartment and often need to go through my closet and drawers, to sort through my things and see what needs to be given away and what I can keep. Well, I was doing a cleanup of my chest drawer the other day and found this Stefanel bag I bought when I was in Paris back in June. I was SO mad at myself  for completely forgetting about it and it made me realize I do this too often when I buy things. I keep them hidden somewhere and forget I even have them.

Now the bag doesn’t exactly have a winter feel to it. You can carry it on a night out as a clutch by hiding the handles inside, or as a shoulder bag for a look that’s a bit more casual in the spring or during summer. Or you could carry it in the fall with a trench coat – but the kind of fall where you can wear lighter colours, shoes with no socks and 3/4 sleeves – not a canadian fall where you’re wearing a big puffy coat with a scarf and gloves. So what did I do? I tucked it back into its dust bag and put it back in my drawer… until next spring. sac-a-main-stefanel-1sac-a-main-stefanel-2sac-a-main-stefanel-3sac-a-main-stefanel-4


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