I am SO excited about this new purchase because it was a piece of clothing I’ve wanted to get for so long and can’t believe I finally found the perfect one. And the way it happened was a bit odd, too. I was actually shopping at Zara with my best friend and found THIS leather jacket, which was TO DIE FOR. I tried it on and had a real hard time taking it off… I just stood there in the store looking at it for 20 minutes trying to make a smart decision. Then suddenly I ran into my coworker Ariane and asked for her opinion about whether or not I should be getting it, since it was somewhere around $260. And right there, I felt like she just burst the little balloon I was up in and dropped me right back on earth by answering flat out “no”. How could she??? Wasn’t it obvious I was in love with it?

But she was right… I analysed that piece of clothing like I had never done before and the more I looked at it, the more I knew I shouldn’t be getting it. You could already see scratches on the sleeves and on the back, it was clearly not a good quality leather. So she recommended I go to Danier since leather was their specialty. So I did the right thing and left the jacket in the store and didn’t waist any time going to Danier, although I have to admit, with very little hope of finding anything remotely decent looking – as I always associated Danier with an older and not-too-fashion-forward crowd. But I was wrong. There it was. The most beautiful leather jacket I had seen. I am SO happy I ran into Ariane and took her advice. I’ve worn the jacket a few times so far and keep getting compliments on it all the time, and I absolutely love it. It was originally $499 but I got it on special for $349. Here it is, worn with THIS Zara necklace, THESE Zara jeans, THESE Zara booties (can you tell it’s my favourite store?) and a simple black tee from Garage.danier-blink-leather-jacket-104030529-adanier-blink-leather-jacket-104030529-bdanier-blink-leather-jacket-104030529-cdanier-blink-leather-jacket-104030529-d

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