Got these awesome winter boots at a great price at Winners and couldn’t be happier to have them on a day like today… Yup, I’m being treated to a HUGE snowstorm on my birthday, which totally sucks, cause even though I got the right boots to head out into the storm, I can only see half of my car and there’s snow EVERYWHERE which makes it impossible to get out. So I decided to stay safely tucked into my PJ’s and comfy throw, sippin’ on hot chocolate, listenning to George Michael and surfing on the internet.

Back to my Cougar boots. I love them!!! They’re made of a soft waterproof leather, are extremely comfortable and keep my little feet warm even when it’s -30°C outside. Got them for $99.99 and I have to say they look pretty decent for a pair winter boots.

On another note, happy birthday to me :)


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