Aimee Song is one of the few bloggers I love, and even though her entire wardrobe is awesome, for some reason, I totally fell in love with this sweater when I saw it. But at US$105 plus shipping and handling, I decided not to get it.

A couple of months later, I was shopping at Winners and what do I see? A beautiful colour block sweater that looked a lot like the one she was wearing… not exactly the same thing but close enough. And to be honest, I have to admit I like this one better because of the more delicate knit, the fact that it’s a mullet sweater, and it has 3 colours… It’s a completely random brand I had never heard of (RD Style) and it only cost me $24,99. LOVE it paired with a statement necklace, skinny jeans and these electric blue Zara pumps :)



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