Le Chasseur is an EXCELLENT restaurant I recently discovered located within walking distance of Joliette metro station. A friend of mine had recommended it and I finally got a chance to try it, and I guarantee you I will definitely be going back! The food was excellent, tasty and cooked to perfection (when cooked, of course). You can order individual portions, but the staff recommends that you share plates and it’s definitely a good idea, since you get to try many different meals depending on how many people you’re with. I went back to their website looking for the menu to let you know the names of the dishes I tried, but noticed some of them had changed. The only ones I remember having were the whole chicken, the duck ravioli as well as the horse carpaccio, which was to die for and by far my absolute favourite.

The ambiance is nice and so’s the staff. Oh, and I also fell in love with their Oche’la cocktail, a mix of gin, lime juice and honey that I’ll definitely try to recreate at home. For more info: LE CHASSEUR | 3882, rue Ontario Est.


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