I recently purchased a decorative pillow online and could NOT wait to receive it… I finally got it on friday, but unfortunately I wasn’t home to receive the package so I finally had the chance to go pick it up today… and here it is!!!


I had seen it on Elle Ferguson’s Instagram feed and completely fell in love with it. So a few days later, I went to the Sealoe online store and purchased the black version. Couldn’t be more excited that it’s finally sittin’ on my couch :)

I took a long break from blogging in the last year, and during that time, I actually purchased my first condo (Woohoo!). Before that, when I was renting, I never really cared much for home decor, didn’t bother painting the walls in my previous appartments because they didn’t belong to me. So I didn’t think they were worth investing any time or money in. But now that I have my own place, I am really excited about decorating it to MY taste but needed a lot of guidance in that department. I knew I loved the modern/eclectic vibe, but wasn’t too sure about some of my choices and I’m really happy that I had my friend Geneviève from the Red Fairy Project to help me with that. After coming over to see my place, she was nice enough to help me pick a few key pieces, give me tips and tricks on how to chose items, even taking the time to text me photos when she’d see something at a store that would fit well in my appartment. Thanks to her, my place is almost complete (I only need 2-3 main furniture pieces), plus some decorative accessories for some finishing touches.

So don’t be surprised to see more decor-related posts in the future!


  1. C’est tellement chouette de décorer ton beau condo avec toi ma chérie. Tu avais une super bonne base et j’adore voir évoluer la déco avec chaque item qu’on y ajoute. Superbe ton coussin en passant! J’ai hâte de voir quelles seront les prochaines nouveautés! ;) Bisous xx

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