I recently posted about decorating my new condo (celebrating my first year as a condo owner in mid-November… Woohoo!) last month. Once Geneviève had seen the base and knew what to work with, she gave me a few tips and tricks about mixing patterns, textures and adding feminine touches to add warmth to my place.

So I did a little digging in my “decor” folders on my computer and found a few inspirational photos of homes I absolutely loved and key pieces I really wanted. One of them was a glass coffee table with a gold base, and the other a moroccan-inspired rug that Gen actually found while shopping at HomeSense.

Not too long after, I found a beautiful moroccan style rug at HomeSense in Place Versailles (not a fan of that shopping center but I do love the HomeSense located there) for 249,99$. The one Gen had found was too small for my living room. I also recently purchased a set of coffee tables online at Zara Home for 269$ which I picked up a few days ago at their store in Carrefour Laval.

Below is photo of my new coffee tables and rug in my living room, followed by the inspirational photos I had found on Pinterest and Instagram.



  1. Ce billet est tellement inspirant! J’adore voir l’évolution du travail qu’on fait ensemble et je dois dire que je suis envieuse de cette photo! Nice shot et beau décor. Well done pitoune! xx

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