I was looking to add some gold touches to my place and found this cute planter in the small home decor section at Indigo downtown. It was originally $18 but found it on sale for $12.50. The only issue I had with it is that for the standard 4-inch planter, the base is a little smaller than the other ones so my plant wouldn’t fit perfectly in it. The top of my plastic planter would peek out, so I had to cut off the top rim on it to make sure you couldn’t see anything.

For anyone shopping for their holiday gifts (which is most people), I think this one would make a good gift idea for a friend or a hostess, as long as you know their taste in home decor or what their place looks like because the gold might look a little too flashy/bright for some people’s taste.

Here’s a pic of mine below, and click here for the link to purchase it online.


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