For those of you who still have an iPhone 4 or 4S, you know how hard it is to find a cover these days, let alone a decent-looking one. I was shopping at Winners the other day and noticed they had brought in a new batch of Kate Spade iPhone covers, and this time, they actually had some for the 4S. Needless to say I jumped on the occasion and purchased 2 of them!

What I love about them that’s different from the previous Kate Spade cover I had, is that it comes in two pieces: one soft shell that covers your phone, and a harder one you put over the soft one. It makes it SO much easier to remove them. I often use my iPhone to listen to music on my iPod dock, and removing the cover was always such a hassle, so much so that sometimes it’d be so hard that I’d just give up on it and listen to music on my computer. This two-piece cover is the best thing!



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