I’ve had an obsession with varsity jackets for so long and purchased this one a few months ago from Asos. I really like it but regret not looking into it (maybe check out the Adidas store downtown, duh?) before purchasing it, as I’m really not a fan of the way the faux leather sleeves look, especially when you turn them inside out (I like to roll my sleeves)… It looks a bit cheap, but anyhoo.

So here it is, worn with a black and white polka dot pencil skirt from H&M.

adidas-varsity-jacket-black-white-1adidas-varsity-jacket-black-white-2adidas-varsity-jacket-black-white-3And here are some outfit inspiration photos found on Pinterest… varsity-jacket-street-style-1varsity-jacket-street-style-3varsity-jacket-street-style-4varsity-jacket-street-style-5varsity-jacket-street-style-6varsity-jacket-street-style-7varsity-jacket-street-style-8varsity-jacket-street-style-9varsity-jacket-street-style-10varsity-jacket-street-style-11varsity-jacket-street-style-12varsity-jacket-street-style-14varsity-jacket-street-style-15varsity-jacket-street-style-16varsity-jacket-street-style-17varsity-jacket-street-style-18varsity-jacket-street-style-19varsity-jacket-street-style-20

Photos of me: Nathalie Rioux

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