Back when I was a teenager, taking care of my skin wasn’t exactly a priority, mainly because I was lazy and didn’t feel like applying various products morning and night. To this day, one of the main reasons I don’t put much makeup on is still due to laziness: too lazy to apply it, too lazy to remove it!

Today, at 37, I regret not making that extra effort seeing as it is probably the reason for some of my skin issues. I really should have started with maintaining my skin when I had the chance, but fortunately for me, there are so many products out there to fix all kinds of problems that I found one to fix one of my biggest issues.

I have combination skin: the really oily T-zone (thank God for oil-absorbing sheets) and the rest of my face which is uber-dry. And the dry part, especially around my mouth, has always been an issue, even a source of embarrassment at times. I cannot tell you how many times, after looking at myself in the mirror in the bathroom while washing my hands I screamed in horror when I noticed really dry flaky skin in that area, knowing I had just been sitting for an hour in a meeting at the office, realising people actually SAW this. I looked like I had just eaten some kind of pastry covered in powdered sugar and forgot to wipe it off. It didn’t matter that I put on facial cream in the morning, it felt like the bottom part of my face would simply come undone before noon. So finally one day I headed over to Sephora and begged the lady to find me a miracle cream. I thought she would suggest a heavier moisturiser, but instead, she suggested that I try a serum and apply it before my own moisturiser. I’m no expert in skincare so I just went with it. And what a lovely surprise it was… one of the best products I ever bought! I did as she said, kept my own moisturiser but applied the Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum from Caudalie right before, and it made all the difference! Over time, I discovered more similar products to help with my dry skin, but I’ll tell you more about them in future posts.

I love the Caudalie serum for what it does to my skin, obviously, but I also love the fact that it’s paraben/sulfate/phthalate free. Since I’m starting to become more and more sensitive about what I put in and on my body, I think it’s a pretty good deal. The bottle sells for $52 (a bit expensive but it lasts long since you don’t use much) and is available at Sephora and most drug stores.


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