I recently posted about a great product I had discovered to take care of the dry skin on my face, and I promised I’d tell you about similar products I found later on, so here’s the second one. It’s called Acyl-Glutathione and it’s from Perricone MD.

I had gotten this product for free (the perks of my previous job), and after doing some research online, I discovered it was initially an anti-aging product. Seeing as I’m in my late 30’s, I figured it wouldn’t do me any harm to use at least one anti-aging product in my daily routine. So I started using this product maybe a few months after I’d finished my Caudalie Serum. To be very honest, when I’d hear or read somewhere that people would see a difference in their skin’s tightness after using a product, I used to think it was BS. I didn’t believe that was possible unless you’d gotten a face lift. Until I noticed my skin was firmer not long after I started using this product – we’re not talking THAT much, but still enough to notice. Not only that, it also took care of my “white flake” issue.

There are two downsides to this product though, the first one being the price. I got this one for free but there’s no way I’m spending that amount of money on it, considering the price in Canada is somewhere around 215$. The other one is that I’m trying to go for organic beauty products and this one definitely isn’t. If it was, considering how it improved my skin, I might have invested that amount, but I’d rather go for products that are good to me. But hey, it did work, so if money isn’t a problem for you and you’re not that sensitive to what kind of products you’re putting on your skin, go for it!


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