There’s no denying fall’s already here. I feel like only yesterday I was walking around with a t-shirt, denim cut-off’s and Birkenstocks, but temperatures have significantly dropped and those days are over. I also feel like I’m going to blink and when I open my eyes I will be knee-deep in snow, so before that happens, Nath and I decided to go for a walk along the water to play model and photographer.

There’s really nothing special about the outfit… the top is an old one I got at Forever 21, and the pants are from H&M, I actually love them. They’re a perfect loose fit, soft to the touch and really light for days like this one when it’s not cold enough for denim, but not warm enough for shorts either. Sandals are Birkenstock, which I’ve been addicted to for the entire summer…


Photos de moi: Nathalie Rioux

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