I apologise for the lack of photos and the poor quality of the only one I took… I didn’t exactly intend to post about it, but I figured it was too good not to mention. Ichigo Ichie is the latest izakaya that opened on Plateau Mont-Royal (from the same owner as Imadake – another izakaya I really enjoyed), where I went for a friend’s birthday.

I started with the Ichigo Ichie salad, had the beef tataki nigiri (pictured below) and finished with the Yatai-style calamari. Everything I ordered was an absolute delight. The decor is beautiful, service was great and quick, food was amazing (beautiful presentation too), even the cocktail I tried was awesome. Definitely give it a try if you’re in the area!

For more info: Ichigo Ichie | 360, rue Rachel est.


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