A couple of friends and I got together not long ago and cooked dinner together. I wanted something healthy but easy to make and found this Cold Noodle with Shredded Chicken recipe from the Woks of Life (gorgeous food blog, by the way). The recipe was real easy to make (especially with 3 of us in the kitchen) and was really good. It’s really cold out and this recipe, being a cold salad, was recommended as a light meal on a hot summer day, but still, we loved it!

I made it again at home for lunch and changed a few things in the ingredient’s list to reduce the amount of calories (ex.: I used less sesame oil, roasted peanuts and noodles – some brands have a really high calorie count, it’s worth checking the label on the back), and found it to be just as delicious! Click on the link above for the recipe!

Cold Noodle Shredded Chicken


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