Hi all… I promised you a while ago that I’d share quick and easy cocktail recipes or my favourite latest discoveries in the wine department with you, and while I tried my best to keep that promise, I will be ending the very short-lived TGIF DRINKS series. See… for the last 10 months, I have been on a (successful) healing journey trying to rid my body of random symptoms I’ve accumulated over the years and wasn’t able to get rid of in the past. More specifically, I’m in the process of healing my liver and we all know that alcohol is pretty much poison to your liver, so promoting/drinking alcohol on a regular basis goes completely against what I’m trying to achieve.

Now I’m not saying I will never drink any alcohol again, but it’ll be rare so instead, I’ll post my latest discoveries or favourite cocktail drinks on Instagram (follow me here) if you want to keep up with those.

For this post, I leave you with my all-time favourite white wine, the Deinhard Hanns Christof Liebfraumilch, available for only $11,65 at the SAQ. Enjoy :)


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