I can’t say I’ve tried a lot of Dr. Hauschka products, but the only two I’ve tried, I loved. I love the smell of their lip stick/balm. But more importantly, I love the fact that it actually helps heal my lips (I have a very bad habit of picking the skin on my lips), as opposed to most other lip balms I’ve tried that just hydrate, but don’t fix the actual issue of the damage I do to my lips.

As for their hand cream, I love that it’s not too heavy (some lotions are so thick that I feel like washing my hands immediately after putting it on), but not so light either that you feel like it’s not effective.

Now in honour of supporting local businesses during this pandemic (and as often as possible, really), here’s a link to purchase the hand cream on Well.ca. Unfortunately, they currently don’t carry the lip stick, but be sure to check out their Dr. Hauschka category on a regular basis in case they restock!



  1. Je voulais l’essayer mais je n’était pas certaine, je crois que je vais l’acheter car j’ai bien de la misère avec mes mains qui sont hyper sèches a cause du lavage de mains ainsi que tous les gels désinfectants.
    Merci Chadi

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