Beach House-band

Music has a huge place in my life. Case in point: I’ve had a “Music” category on my blog since I started it 11 years ago. Different kinds of music add ambiance to various settings. But more importantly, and in my case, music helps me relax and free my mind of any worries. I always say that if it wasn’t for music and movies to help me escape, I guarantee I would have gone into a depression at least once.

I also love discovering new artists. Whenever I hear a song I love in a movie, I immediately check out the soundtrack to find the song. Before Shazam was invented, whenever I’d hear a good one in a store, on a TV show or in a TV ad, I’d memorize some of lyrics, jot them down somewhere until I could search for the song online. Nowadays, one of my favourite places to discover new artists is on Instagram. I absolutely love the “Add Music” feature on IG that displays the song/album/artist and sometimes lyrics. One of the latest bands I discovered that way is Beach House. I absolutely love their light and airy melodies so I thought I’d share some of my favourite songs with you… Enjoy!

Other songs I love include: Equal Mind, Space Song, 10:37, Irene, Silver Soul, One Thing and Other People.

Photo: Beach House/Shawn Brackbill

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