Ever since I saw this green Burberry jacket, I fell in love with it. But there was no way I was going to buy it so I was desperately looking for something similar with a lower price. And FINALLY I saw this one at H&M for only $80. You can’t really tell from the photo (the lighting is bad and the colours are off), but it’s actually VERY similar to the Burberry one. There’s even a hidden drawstring waist… only thing missing is the Nova Check lining ;-) I absolutely LOVE it!

Maintenant je suis légèrement obsédée avec les anoraks. J’ai vu celui-là chez Gap l’autre jour. Pas le choix, fallait que j’l’achète. Il était en spécial à 90$.

Quelques jours plus tard, je débarque chez Garage. Qu’est ce que j’vois? Un anorak bleu court. J’l’aimais trop, alors je l’ai acheté. À moins de 40$, c’est pas ça qui va faire un trou dans mon budget…

J’aimerais bien en trouver un gris aussi. Mais après ça c’est fini. Promis.


  1. I took your advice and went to H&M and Zara this weekend, since I’m in desperate need of colorful new items for my Spring wardrobe — I walked away with gray pants, a black and creme striped top, a brown knit cardigan, and navy equestrian pants. Ack!!! It’s like clothes are invisible to me unless they’re some variation of black, white or brown, or navy. Chadi, I need help.

    1. How did you walk into H&M and not notice the Spring “Garden” collection… it’s so colourful!! The other thing is, I guess it depends on what you were shopping for. Was it for office attire? If so, unless you have a job in a field similar to mine, you can’t have a very colourful wardrobe. But try to go gradually, add a few pieces here and there, like a purple or green top, or maybe a handbag.

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