For a while now I’ve been looking for one of those wraparound spa-style towels so I can go to the gym in the morning instead of at night. There’s always too many people and even though I hardly ever have to wait for any of the cardio machines, I do have to wait to be able to do my floor excercises. So I try to go at around 7pm but it kinda ruins my night: by the time I get home, all I have time to do is take a shower and go to bed.

So anyways, I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for one of those towels cause I didn’t want to carry around a huge one and I find the wraparound style is more practical when you need to change and shower quickly. Then one day my boss tells me one of her friends works at a spa and can get one for me… so I waited patiently… and here it is!! I got my towel :))) Here I am, showing it off in my boss’ office… Sexy, huh?

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