I used to carry around my expensive agnes b. travel bag to the gym cause I couldn’t find anything else that looked half decent and was the perfect size. As I was shopping at Fairview last week, I noticed they had sales at Lululemon and walked into the store, thinking it would probably look too sporty for my taste. Wrong! I found the perfect gym bag, with a gazilion compartments (I’m a very organized person) AND it was on sale for $79! I love that it looks sporty but still fashionable enough… kinda reminds me Chanel’s Coco Cocoon bag.

Here’s my old bag… which I can now tuck away until my next trip:

Here’s my brand new Lululemon gym bag :)

And here’s Chanel’s Coco Cocoon. Unfortunately the bag isn’t sitting on my couch like the other two…

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