As mentionned in my previous post, as soon as my trip was booked a few months ago, I went on a shopping spree. Other than all those sunglasses shown earlier, the other thing I really wanted was a weekender bag as a carry-on for my flight. I already have a black Agnès B. carry-on that I really love, but I wanted to find another one in a lighter colour for sunny destinations.

For many years I had Roots’ Small Colorado on my wishlist -it really caught my eye when I saw one of my good friends carry it-, but it was a bit expensive (considering I already had the Agnès B.), and I didn’t want to have the exact same one as my friend so I decided not to get it. Fast forward 7-8 years later, and that damn bag is still on my mind. So I figured if I’ve wanted something THAT bad, after SO long: I’m just gon’ get it! So I finally did… And I absolutely love it! The leather is beautiful and soft to the touch, the colour is perfect (fits my summer wardrobe perfectly) and it’s the perfect shape and size for a carry-on. Click here if you want to get it :)


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