I think most Montrealers will agree with me in saying that we can’t deal with the cold weather anymore. Sure, there are a few warmer days here and there, but overall, it’s still very cold for that time of the year. I got a taste of summer at the end February by escaping to Cuba for a week with 3 of my friends, but as soon as the plane landed and all we could see outside was white, we were quickly reminded of the harsh reality (Yeah, I know… #firstworldproblems).

Seeing as it might be a while until spring… I’m at least hoping for a little milder weather so I can finally trade my big puffy parka for this brand new faux sheepskin jacket I got on special at Topshop over the holidays, for a little over $40 (down from $136). I’ve always wanted one but seeing as our fall and spring seasons don’t last long enough, I hardly ever invest in pieces for these two seasons as most of our weather consists of cold winters and a couple of months of real humid rainy/hot summers. But since this one was on special and I really liked the fit, I went ahead and bought it.

Below is a photo of my new jacket, followed by a few outfit inspiration ideas found on Pinterest!topshop-faux-sheepskin-jacket-blacksheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-15sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-14sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-12sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-11sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-10sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-9sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-8sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-7sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-6sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-5sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-4sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-3sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-2sheepskin-shearling-jacket-streetstyle-1

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