I don’t know about you, but when it comes to fixing myself meals and drinks (OK, let’s be honest, pretty much everything else), I can be quite lazy. So when I wanna drink something comes #TGIF, I either pour myself a glass or my favourite Pinot Gris or Riesling, or make the easiest and quickest cocktail with only 2 (max 3) ingredients… which is sad, since I love discovering new things to eat and drink.

Now I am FAR from being any kind of expert in the matter, but I figure if you’re anything like me (read: too lazy to make elaborate recipes but tired of drinking the same thing over and over), why not share my favourite recipes and start a new series called TGIF Drinks? I’m not gonna promise it’ll be on a weekly basis, ‘cause, let’s be honest, the girl don’t drink that much… But I promise I’ll do it at least once a month AND throw in my latest musical discovery, because a drink in one hand and a relaxing sound in your ears is one of the best feelings, right? Oh, and I’m warning you: I’m not too fond of the taste of alcohol, so expect fruity drinks… I’ll try to not make them too sweet, I promise. Also, I’m not pretending I invented any of these (although in some cases, yes), but it’ll still give you more options when you’re running out of ideas!

So here’s your first TGIF Drink, it involves blackcurrant liquor, something I always have on hand since I bring it back from my regular road-trips to Île d’Orléans:

-1/4 part blackcurrant liquor
-1 part peach syrup
-6 parts sparkling wine (I really like the Villa Conchi Cava)

Pour the first two ingredients in a champagne flute, and fill your glass with the sparkling wine.

As for the music to accompany it, I recently watched a chick flick on Netflix called Ibiza (hilarious), loved the soundtrack and downloaded “The Future” and “Light” by San Holo! They’ve been on repeat ever since!

Enjoy :)



  1. On peut dire que le 1er TGIF Drink a passé le test haut la main de mon côté, je suis une fan de la crème de cassis! :)))

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