I’ve been getting annoying iCloud notifications lately telling me I am almost over my storage limit, so I figured it was time to do a little cell phone clean-up, and found these pics from a night out at Miss Wong a LONG time ago.

During this pandemic, aside from seeing my family and friends and being able to hug and kiss them, the one thing I miss the most is going to restaurants. I can’t wait until this s&%* show is over so we can go back to as close to normal as possible and be able to sit down with friends and have a drink and a nice dinner out.

Now back to Miss Wong… I went there a couple of times and love the decor (its main attraction) and how huge the place is (it’s located in the old Moomba supperclub). And I especially love the fact that it’s in the suburbs (Centropolis in Laval) so you can go there for dinner and drinks after a day of shopping at Carrefour Laval or a night at the movies not too far away, AND there’s a huge parking lot. If you’ve read my post about Lov restaurant in Centropolis as well, you’ll notice this complex is soon becoming a favourite destination of mine…

For more info: Miss Wong | 1780 avenue Pierre-Péladeau.










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