So I decided that by the end of the year, I would replace every single piece of furniture I didn’t like in my appartment, and buy new pieces I really needed. I absolutely love my appartment but the one and only awful thing about it is that I dont have any storage space. I hardly have any space for shoes & clothes… I even had to turn my car trunk into storage room. Now I work for a fashion mag and obviously love to shop… I NEED space to store my stuff!

So anyways, I was going to start by getting a new nightstand, but I ended up not going after all cause something came up that day, however I had already taken all of the stuff out from the old one. I was about to give it away to charity when I had a genius idea… Since I have so many sandals, I moved my old nightstand in the hallway outside my door. And guess what? I was able to fit 20 pairs of sandals in there… how awesome is that???


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