As I mentionned in an earlier post, I recently got a membership at the gym which included a few sessions with a trainer and nutritionnist. I’m doing OK in the workout departement. I’m not going as often as I wanted to… was aiming for 5x / week but on average I’ve been going 3x / week since I started. However, I’m doing really good in the food department which is really suprising to me cause I absolutely love food. I honestly thought the workout part would be easier than the diet one, but it’s been the opposite. I guess what really helps is that I love good food and not necessarily junk food.

Anyways… I dropped a few pounds, which is good, and most importantly I’m making healthier choices when I eat out, which hopefully I will continue to do. Anyways, I have a nice chicken/baby spinach/pineapple/almond salad planned for tonight… but in reality, I’m craving this shrimp & cheese pizza….


    1. Merci… je viens d’arriver du gym y’a pas longtemps. J’ai quitté le bureau aux alentours de 8hres je crois, et je suis restée au gym presque jusqu’à la fermeture!!! Et je réalise que la raison pour laquelle j’étais moins emballée avec mon workout c’est tout simplement à cause de la musique. Je me suis fait un mix de chansons avec un bon beat pour mes deux derniers workouts et ça fait une GROSSE différence!

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