Could NOT be more excited to ditch my big puffy winter coat for a lighter spring jacket, my huge winter boots for my Vivienne Westwood-inspired Pirate booties from Zara and my dark digits for a bright shade of orange. It’s a lovely 8 degrees out, and my best friend Nath and I decided to go for brunch at Le Passé Composé which we loved! The food was great and the service was excellent at this cozy little spot in the middle of Plateau Mont-Royal. We decided to go downtown after our brunch and it was so lovely out that we walked all the way from the restaurant to the corner of Ste-Catherine and McGill College… the weather was sunny and just warm enough! Much needed after the never-ending snowstorms we had this winter. Pictured below are my outfit of the day (you can’t actually see much, but I was so excited about not wearing my Michelin Man coat that I just had to post a pic), as well as my awesome brunch :)Coat, scarf & boots from Zara / Louis Vuitton bag.Brunch @ Le Passé Composé

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