Before landing the awesome job I have now, I worked in advertising for 9 years. My client was the Quebec liquor board (SAQ) and on top of creating ads for them, we also had to create their mini-magazine called Tchin Tchin. Lucky for me, I was the project manager on this and worked on every issue. One of the perks on having the Tchin Tchin as your main project is that I got to taste a lot of the recipes (food or cocktails) that we photographed at all the photo shoots.

One of my all-time favourites was a traditional french recipe called the Tartiflette. I was really lucky because we got to work with some of Quebec’s top food stylists so not only did the photos look amazing, the recipes were tested beforehand and they were just delish!

A few weeks ago, my sister and I tried this recipe. It’s kinda (actually very) fattening, but it’s totally worth it. Personally, I would have added more bacon, but it was great nonetheless. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the issue that featured the recipe, so I found one here. Sorry for the photo, it’s really bad and not very appealing, but you HAVE to try it!!

Here’s the recipe just in case the link doesn’t work anymore…

•    1.2 kg potatoes
•    200 g diced bacon
•    1 onion
•    1 Reblochon cheese
•    2 tablespoons cooking cream
•    1 glass of dry white wine (optional)

Peel and boil the potatoes. When finished, drain and leave to cool (do not refresh!).
Mince the onion and sweat in a bit of oil.
Add the smoked bacon and sweat for a few more minutes.
Butter a gratin dish.
Cut half the potatoes in thick slices and cover the bottom of the dish with it.
Add half the onion and bacon.
Add the remaining sliced potatoes and the remaining onion and bacon. Spread the cream on top.
Halve the Reblochon lengthwise and put on the potatoes.
Add the wine.
Bake in a really warm oven (220-250°C or 428-482°F) until the cheese melts and browns on the surface. Enjoy while it is warm!


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